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michael alguire

Holey Oak

"Holey Oak" This is a oak Burl my mother in law picked up from a camp ground near our home. She brought it to me and asked if i could make her something from it. To be honest this piece was bone dry and was full of inclusions and didn't think i could get a piece from it. After roughing and shaping the outside i used my method of scrap latching ( i cut scraps of wood to attach on top of the voids and then secure the scraps with hot melt glue ) this allows me to hollow the inside to my desired wall thickness with out the chance of the piece flying apart from becoming weak and flimmsy. After all the turning was done i then sanded the entire piece by hand. Im happy i was able to pull a piece from the old oak and I'm happy how it turned out. almost wanna keep it for my self. lol 8.5" diameter 6" tall Deft spray for the finish

Holey Oak
michael alguire, Jul 31, 2017