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Large and Deep Clarification

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Tips' started by Wayne E. Harmon, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Wayne E. Harmon

    Wayne E. Harmon

    Aug 26, 2012
    Recap.....Long time turner , Powermatic 3520b ,band new Clark deep hollowing rig ,hoist above machine to lift the heavy stuff.
    Now how to center a 18x36 log. you just don't mount it on a face plate and let it hang while centering the tail stock ??? use a huge spur center and live center ??
    What kind of hardware I need to turn this thing on the O.D. so I can run it in the steady rest ? Again this size and method of turning is new to me. Any sugestions would be greatly apreciated
    Thanks , Wayne
  2. Dale Miner

    Dale Miner

    May 13, 2007
    For large, long pieces;

    Start between centers using a large spur drive (prefer two prong) in the headstock and a good live center in the tailstock. Keep rpm's reasonable. Rough the outside leaving a place near the top for a steady rest wheels to run, and cut the tennon for a large set of jaws, or face an area for a face plate attachment (I prefer a chuck, don't care for screws into endgrain). Remove from lathe, attach chuck or faceplate to piece (if faceplate, chissel center nub off for proper rim contact), and then screw the chuck/faceplate on the spindle. Position the steady on the previously prepped area to help carry the weight. Face off any previous marks from the between center mounting, and bring the tailstock back against the cleaned face. As the point of the tailstock makes light contact with the newly cleaned face, it will not inscribe a circle if the steady wheels are making the piece run true to center. If the point inscribes a circle, adjust the wheels to make the inscribed circle as small as possible. Bring the live center into contact with enough force to support the piece and remove the steady rest temporarily. Take a light cleanup cut on the area the wheels run on, and replace the steady rest. This extra step is to make sure that the steady rest is making the piece run true to the center of rotation and not putting a constant strain on the chuck/faceplate attachment. With the live center in place, adjust the steady rest wheels to maintain running true, and remove the tailstock.

    Hollow away.

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