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Tormek vs Bench Grinder

Discussion in 'Newbie' started by Larry Whitted, May 20, 2010.

  1. Vaughn


    Sep 8, 2006
    Despite the math, I prefer the edge I get with the Tormek, and I end up needing to sharpen less often, not more. I don't try to get as fine of edge on a gouge as I do on my bench chisels or plane irons, but it's still sharper than I get off the dry grinder. And yes, I can slap a gouge in the Tormek, get a sharp (reasonably sharp) edge within 20-30 secs, and get back to turning. I don't dispute, however, that a lot of very good turners produce great work sharpening with coarser methods. If possible, try both, then decide what's best for you.
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  2. Pope


    Aug 1, 2006
    Merced, CA
    I do not have any experience with a Tormek, only use the dry grinder. I do find, however, that using a very fine diamond hone will: a. refine the ground edge, making it much keener and b. after cutting a bit the edge is very quickly restored to keenness without having to go back to the grinder.
    I use this method on all of my tools...why keep grinding away pretty expensive tool steel, when not really necessary? The hollow grind given by an 8" wheel is very easily honed, as only the edge and heel of the bevel come in contact with the hone.
    Hope this is a useful observation.
  3. john lucas

    john lucas AAW Forum Expert

    Apr 26, 2004
    Cookeville TN USA
    Don Geiger I could not find the new Tormek adaptor on your webpage. did I miss something. I'm pretty bad about finding things on the computer.
  4. Don Geiger

    Don Geiger

    Oct 18, 2007
    Vertical Solution for Tormek

    Hi John:

    You are correct. It is not on the site yet. Attached is a photo of the system. The only thing missing in the photo is: there is a second stop collar below the vertical receiver. The height of the V-notch is the only adjustment required when moveing from one grinder to the other. Two adjustable stop collars are supplied so you can have one set for the bench grinder and one for the Tormek. Once these are set, it takes just a few seconds to go from one setting to the other.

    They system provides a very high degree of repeatability and enables the use of traditional jigs (Vari-Grind, Ellsworth etc.) with the Tormek (or similar wet grinders).

    The system requires a Wolverine receiver to be mounted underneath each grinder.



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