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Thread: Vega 1446? Buy or not to buy?

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    Default Vega 1446? Buy or not to buy?

    I just came across a used Vega 14" x 46" 1HP lathe for a very attractive price. The details I have are pretty sketchy.... I saw an ad in this morning's paper, I called and talked to the better-half who could only read the notes lathe owner wrote down. No idea how old the unit is. She only knows that it's "huge"... but that's an arbitrary opinion. She says the hubby wants to scale down to a smaller lathe because this takes up too much room in the garage.

    Are there multiple models/variations of a Vega 14 x 46? Is this a good unit? I'm still a newbie and would love to upgrade to a 14" swing to accomodate larger bowls but don't want to buy an albatross either.

    Any info would be appreciated.
    Lancaster, PA

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    Greg I just missed buying a used 1446 Vega. I didn't need it but It went for a really good price. They had been using it for metal spinning. It's a really tough lathe and the people at Vega are good to work with.

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