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Thread: Woodturning Smocks

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    Default Woodturning Smocks

    The AAW is sharing their resource for those great woodturning smocks they sell on this website. See the President's forum for details on buying these smocks for your woodturning club.
    Thanks to AAW for sharing this great information.

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    Default Smocks

    I really did not like the AAW smock one bit, especially the short sleeves. I purchased the traditional British smock with velcro sleeves and collar. It's warmer and keeps me clean. I was fully of shavings with the AAW smock.

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    Default Lovell Smock

    The Lovell Smock is the standard against which all other smocks should be judged

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    "Breathable nylon" seems oxymoronic to me. Perhaps years in nomex has conditioned me to think all synthetics are hot in summer and cold in winter.

    Not that I wear a smock, but if I did, it would have sleeves up above the elbows like the AAW version to stay away from casual contact with, and possible catches by rotating objects. It would also be hard-surface cotton to breathe, yet shed fine shavings.
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    Default Thanks For This

    Thanks for posting about where to get the Lovell Smock. I used one during a turnning class I took. By far superior to any other smock I've tried. The problem has been finding where to buy one here in the U.S.

    Thanks Again,

    GA Darling

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    Kenneth, that is a great looking smock but I think I would like it better without sleeves. Smocks for me present a problem. In the winter I wear a lot of cloths (old work) so I don't really need a smock. In the summer any extra piece of clothing, cotton or not, is too much. So, the synthetic smock I have works fine about 4 months out of the year. I would like to fine a more user friendly smock though.
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    You folks should try the Lee Valley Turner's Smock. Very nice, very usable any time of the year.
    Oregon Coast Woodturners

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    I've been using the Lovell smock from the ToolPost for about five years and like it. I do worry a bit about the long sleeves, but so far I've had no problems, and the velcro does keep the cuffs closed and tight at the wrists. I really like the Lovell's standup collar with the velcro closure -- it does the job of keeping shavings out of your shirt quite well. If the AAW would incorporate a similar standup collar into their smock, I'd probably order one.

    Does anyone have any comments on how well the AAW smock keeps chips out at the collar? Also, do chips get caught in either the knit collar or in the mesh armpits? Doesn't that oversized body of the AAW smock present nearly as much potential of getting caught up in machinery as the Lovell's snug long sleeves? I'd be happy if a few users of the AAW smock would comment on their views of its positive and negative features.

    To my mind, the ideal smock would be like the Lovell, but in a short sleeve version with velcro closures on the short sleeves.


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    Since my earlier post, I watched the Mike Mahoney sharpening video on Youtube, and he was wearing a smock that appears to satisfy my comment:

    "To my mind, the ideal smock would be like the Lovell, but in a short sleeve version with velcro closures on the short sleeves. "

    Guessing that he probably got it at Craft Supplies USA, I searched their site and found one; see k___smocks?Args=

    Anybody out there use this one?


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    Hi John

    Yes I've been wearing that smock for over two years and like it. I'm a fairly big guy, not quite Grumbinesque but 6'4" and 275, the XX fits fine. I have a big neck and the velcro closure works fine keeping the chips out. It zips up the front and is sealed with the neck closure. Short sleeves which I like, don't want sleeves or anything else dangling around the spinning chuck, etc. The only negative is that you can get warm wearing it, however I've yet to find a smock that doesn't create that problem. In my case it's not a problem since I stuck a 25,000 BTU AC in my shop last summer. I have worn it doing demos in the summer both in and outdoors and it's warm. Apparently it originates out of the UK, or so I've been told, based upon the fact that the zipper is on the other/wrong side. The material sheds shavings and dust and there are no nooks and crannies where it can gather.

    Speaking of Grumbine, I believe Bill wears one of those black colored jobs from Packard, so perhaps you guys want to look at that as well.

    I recommend the Craft Supply smock, however being a loyal AAW member I'd like to speak with some that have actually used the AAW smock and all things being equal I'd go with the AAW product.

    Hope this helps,

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