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Thread: AW Journals for the blind

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    Default AW Journals for the blind

    In case you didn't know, we have at least one blind AAW member. To navigate the internet and other file-based materials, the blind (and some dyslexics) use very specialized computer screen reading software that literally speaks to them.

    The problem is that this software only works with text based files (word, pdf, html...), and our new "Online Virtual Journal" does not support this special software. However, we do have a solution - we've just set up a new page on the site, intended for the exclusive use of visually impaired AAW members. By offering this group of members access to machine readable AW Journals, they will be able to actually "hear" the Journal for the first time, and no longer need a sighted person to read to them from the hard-copy Journal that comes in the mail.

    If you know of a vision impaired AAW member who uses computer screen reading software, ask them to get in touch with me so we can set them up to access these machine-readable versions of the Journal.
    Best regards,
    Ed Davidson
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    WOW Ed
    This is great news.
    Even if it only helps a few people, it will enrich their lives and let them know that they are being thought of.

    Yet another great benefit.


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    Ed, that's an outstanding effort. I totally agree with Jerry in that if it helps only a very limited number of members it's worth it and let's them know the association is aware of their needs. Very well done.

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