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    Default Oliver 159

    Would appreciate any help knowing how to lock the spindle on a oliver 159.
    I can press down and hold it temporary, but not lock it.
    Thank you

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    Peter, if no one here has a solution you might consider posing the question of Someone, probably several, will know the answer.

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    Peter, on my 159 the spindle lock is a spring loaded knob on top of the headstock. I've never tried to actually lock it down. I usually just hold it down with one hand while I do whatever I'm trying to get done with the other. But the spring on mine isn't terribly strong so I would think you could duct tape it down and be able to work with both hands. Another method would be to make an indexing wheel and attach it to the outboard side of the spindle in place of the handwheel. Then you could make something to pin the index wheel in place.

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