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Spiraled Maple Hollow Form

Spiraled Maple Hollow Form

This hollow form was third in the series of pieces turned from the Vermont Maple log as posted in 2011. Two more hollow forms are waiting for some sort of decision as to what to add in the way of interest. The log had a lot of spalting and checking as shown the reason for felling the tree with much regret to the family. I doodled again on paper to come up with the spiral carving and the dyed and wire brush texturing of alternate flutes again a tribute to John Jordan and his class. As it turned out, I should not have textured with the wire brush because there was a very soft spalted area on one of the flutes which almost destroyed my keeping this piece. The finish was again Krylon matt clear coats and buffed with a paper towel by hand. Albeit the color of this piece is lighter than the other pieces, it is from the same log. The size of the piece is 6 x 6.
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