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  • Welcome new registering member. Your username must be your real First and Last name (for example: John Doe). "Screen names" and "handles" are not allowed and your registration will be deleted if you don't use your real name. Also, do not use all caps nor all lower case.

New Registering Forum Users - READ THIS FIRST!

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John Van Domelen

Retired Forum Admin
Mar 19, 2007
Houston, TX
Attention New Registering Users

Most new accounts are not approved due to the below rule not being followed:

All requests for membership MUST use their real name for the username in the format First name Last name, without numbers. No “screen names” will be accepted.

Due to the number of bot registrations, I am only manually looking at registrations that meet the following pattern (first name) space (last name). e.g. John Smith

Registration attempts with a user name that contains numbers, or that otherwise does not meet the above format will be deleted and not reviewed by a human admin.


Bad registrations will no longer be receiving an acknowledgement of failed registration... this lets the spammer know they have a valid email address and increases my workload, so if you are unable to post or view pictures after registering, you will need to re-register correctly....

Also, please be aware that it can take me up to 4 days to register new members, I do take days off occasionally :) and am off the grid, these will be handled when I return, if you have not been activated within 5 days, PM me and I will investigate.

- J
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