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Randy Anderson


My first Sweetgum bowl. A 12" natural edge that turned out better than I expected. It's very common where I live. I have a lot of them on my property but have never cut one down and haven't had anyone call me with some to come and get until recently. I was surprised - very stable, not much movement while turning and no warping or cracking while drying. I've heard it can be difficult so guess I got lucky.
Is this wood also called Liquid Amber? I just got two 3' x 14-15" logs the other day. Very unusual wood for where I live. I roughed the bowls, so wet they soaked me and half the shop, and now have them bagged and drying. I had never heard of Liquid Amber but when I looked it up it said it was sweet gum and it looks nearly identical to this wood.
Yes, I have a friend that refers to it as liquid amber. I think that's the name used in other parts of the world. Not sure how many different varieties of it there are.

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