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Wormy Ash Hollowform, with Pewas
Dave Landers

Wormy Ash Hollowform, with Pewas

7.5″ diameter, 4.5″ tall. Finish is Osmo PolyX.

This piece has a nice bark inclusion running up the side. I might have left that alone, except that several other cracks developed during drying. So I fixed those cracks with pewas (butterfly inserts) and chose to bridge the bark inclusion so it would look more complete.

The worm holes – are quite a bit of trouble. Lots of detail work with dental tools and compressed air..
Another view:
How did u keep it together while turning?? ?
How did u keep it together while turning?? ?
So the cracks with the smaller pewas don't really go anywhere. The bark inclusion only goes around about half way, from the mouth to the side. I left the walls a little thicker than I normally do (a bit over 1/4"), so there's plenty of structure there to support the crack.

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