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dust collection

  1. John Torchick

    Rikon portable dust collector?

    I am in the process of cleaning up the shop before finishing a dozen stair treads. My shop is rather limited for space. I did a search on Woodcraft's website and found the Rikon portable DC. I can also hook it to a Dust Deputy for extra efficiency. Might have to do some shuffling with tools and...
  2. Evan Pearson

    Dust Concerns

    Hello! I'm brand new to turning; thank you for accepting me in to the forum! I know this topic is discussed in many places but I'd very much appreciate some direct feedback. I'll try not to be too long-winded here. I recently became interested in turning so I took a class at the local WoodCraft...
  3. J

    Looking for a cost effective CFM meter for Dust Collector and Air Filter measurements

    The title pretty much says it all. I would like to get a meter that measures CFM (cubic feet per minute) or air movement speed that I can then calculate CFM. I want to measure the Dust Collector at different places along the pipe runs and also the output of my Grizzly hanging air filters on...
  4. John Torchick

    HF dust collection footprint

    I definitely need a decent DC system. The Shop Vac is very limited as you all know. As the budget permits, and SWMBO agrees, I'm considering the HF 61790/97869, 2 HP, 70 gallon system. My main concern is the size of the footprint. I'm cramped for space as it is so that is important. I might...
  5. MarkAndrews

    Dust Collection

    I hope it's OK to post 2 topics in a row...I know there have been several threads regarding this topic over the past couple of years. I have read them and I'm still somewhat confused. My situation is this. I have no dust collection system in place to speak of. I have what I thought was a good...
  6. J

    Dust collection question

    I'm building a new shop - actually, the building is up, waiting for final electrical and a little bit of interior finish work before starting to setup shop. The shop is relatively small - 26 x 22. Because it's sitting on a side hill, there's a decently deep crawlspace available with about 5 feet...