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  1. Bill Boehme

    Reminder of Image Posting Rules in the Gallery

    This is just a reminder about the image posting rules for the gallery since it has been dormant for five months. The image gallery is strictly for displaying your completed turnings. The images must be of your own work. Any other photos posted in in the gallery will be deleted. Any other...
  2. Bill Boehme

    Tips on Searching the Photo Gallery (Obsolete)

    NOTE: This information was written for the previous forum software (vBulletin with PhotoPost) so some of the details are no longer applicable. I have been asked recently about searching the photo gallery. After thinking about it a bit, I had to agree that things aren't exactly intuitive so I...
  3. Comet close up

    Comet close up

    Here is another photo of Comet. It shows the detail a little better.
  4. 2008 symposium  "le premier genre"

    2008 symposium "le premier genre"

    This is a new genre that includes turning and steambending. AAW magazine article will follow with a " How to turn a steambent vase" This vase is made of Tulipwood.