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harbor freight

  1. J

    Turning Bowls

    Another Newbie just trying to learn the ropes. So I bought a used 10 X 18 Harbor Freight Lathe from a guy that said he only had it a few years and only turned Pens and Bottle Stoppers. I spent the 1st. month turning spindle projects just getting the feel of the tools. After making handles for...
  2. John Torchick

    HF dust collector?

    My Shop-Vac died today- motor started to smoke which isn't a good sign. I checked and a new motor is $79.10 plus S&H. I can buy a new Shop Vac for a few bucks more but will have a collection of accessories. However...my wife asked about the HF dust collector (her idea). I found that it will...
  3. John Torchick

    4 ft. LED shop light

    Got the shop light at Harbor Freight today; selling at $29.95 each. Plugged it in and it is bright! Might go back and get a couple more with my birthday money. Number is 64410.