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  1. Curly maple inlayed footed bowl

    Curly maple inlayed footed bowl

    This beautiful piece of curly maple has a inlayed band around the lip of the bowl. I think the feet add to the "pot of gold" look
  2. Tray


    Tray 6"x1" in spalted carob with turquoise inlay.
  3. Mesquite Root Ball Vase 10"H x 11"D

    Mesquite Root Ball Vase 10"H x 11"D

    10" H x 11 Dia. Mesquite Root Ball inlay-ed with Turquoise. The Root Ball was dug up with a bulldozer in Wichita Falls TX. I rough turned it and I let it dry for about 9 months. After it was dry, I remounted, did the final turning, Inlay-ed Turquoise, Sanded and Finishing.
  4. R

    Photo inlay in platter

    I would like to inlay a child's photo into the center of a small platter (coaster). How do I protect the photo from damage?
  5. "Easter at Mom's"

    "Easter at Mom's"

    Hollow Easter Egg turned out of maple with inlays of padauk, cherry, and walnut. Finshed withTurner's polish. Size is 2" X 3" Background is a (subdued) picture of real eggs done by my mom many years ago. (used 2 sheets of wax paper to reduce background)
  6. Bird of Passage

    Bird of Passage

    This is a turned off center platter with inlays. The platter is cocbolo. The inlaid black sticks are ebony. The domed circles are 24K gold leaf and are also inlaid.
  7. Hubblescape


    This piece is for our clubs November President's Challenge which is a collaborative challenge. Stacie Grange and Bill Tilson teamed up to create this piece a couple of Saturdays ago. We wanted to incorporate coloring, inlay, off center turning, texturing, and carving. The inlays were done...
  8. solipsism


    I've been looking for a while for some suitable pieces of wood for a series of wall hangings. This is the first off the lathe and shop table. This is big leaf maple burl, about 1 1/2" thick. The original theme is based on the idea of a stone tossed into a pool with ripples spreading...
  9. Mesquite fan box

    Mesquite fan box

    Mesquite burl with Tiger Maple and Blackwood inlay for the top and mesquite finial. 4 3/4" tall by 5: wide
  10. Mesquiste Egg with Inlay

    Mesquiste Egg with Inlay

  11. Blooming flower #2

    Blooming flower #2

    Mesquete box wrapped with walnut with marquetry inlays of dyed red veneer and walnut. I wanted the outside of the piece to be basically plain with a hint of something that would pique your interest and pull you to the piece to look inside and explore it. With the flower series, after you...
  12. Walnut wrapped lidded box

    Walnut wrapped lidded box

    Mesquite box wrapped in Walnut and Tiger Maple. Marquetry pattern of Tiger Maple and Walnut.
  13. Fan Plate

    Fan Plate

    Mesquite plate with marquetry fan pattern of maple, dyed wood, and brass.
  14. Wrapped box

    Wrapped box

    Mesquite, ebony, dyed bird's eye maple and mother of pearl inlay
  15. Yeren


    Figured Big Leaf Maple, Texas Ebony foot, Chinese symbol and polished brass ring inlayed into the inside bottom of bowl. "Yeren" is Chinese for Bigfoot! It's very stable though. 7" x 3". Custom Finish
  16. The Rabbit & the Coyote

    The Rabbit & the Coyote

    Shallow bowl with marquetry inlay going all the way around
  17. Along the Russian River (Calif)

    Along the Russian River (Calif)

    Madrone Bowl with marquetry inlay