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  1. D

    Sharpening help please

    Hello, I have a 1/2" bowl gouge that I am having trouble sharpening. I have the bevel at approx. 46', but I think the shape is wrong. I have the wolverine grinding jig, but not the varigrind attachment. Can anybody provide some insight here? Am I sharpening as a spindle gouge instead of a bowl...
  2. Marty Purselley

    Lathe steadyrest for powermatic

    This is a shop made steadyrest made by a local woodworker of some renown. He does great metal work too. Painted mustard yellow. Fits a powermatic 4224 and might fit others with the right baseplate. 4 arms as shown. LOCAL sales in the DFW metroplex only unless YOU pay shipping. $200.00...
  3. P

    General 260V-Electronic Variable Speed lathe For Sale

    General 260V heavy duty, electronic variable speed wood lathe with 20" riser kit. I'm the original owner and the lathe is in excellent physical and operating condition. Includes the following accessories: Outboard bracket with tool rest base, (allows up to 28" diameter outboard turnings), 3" &...
  4. Jim McLain

    Robust American Beauty Long Bed SOLD

    Selling my American Beauty Long Bed Lathe. Package includes: 3HP Baldor motor Swing away with gas shock assist Extra banjo Wheel/caster set not pictured Tool caddy Auxiliary power strip mounted to back of lathe M33 spindle but could be changed out by Robust to your preference Standard...
  5. C

    Please Identify This Delta Lathe

    I would very much appreciate any help the turning community can offer me in identifying the Delta lathe in the attached photo. Model number? Vintage? Vital stats (motor hp, spindle threading, swing, etc)? I tried Web searching for Delta photos, but found none with the same configuration of...
  6. Michael Ascenzi

    Chuck size vs lathe size selection...

    So I picked up the Laguna Revo 1216 and I'm finishing up tool selection. The next thing I'm looking at is the chuck. I think I've settled on ordering an Axeminster lathe chuck. But I'm not entirely sure which way to go. Either the sk100 or sk114. I'm looking at those two as, per videos, the...
  7. John Torchick

    Keeping the chuck key in sight!

    A while back, I was getting ready to drill a piece on the lathe. Reaching for the switch, I noticed the key was still in the Jacobs chuck in the headstock. The key is black with Delta blue plastic coating- hard to notice. I realized even at the low speed, it could result in a nasty injury. My...
  8. Gerald Lawrence

    Sorby Lathe

    Our club has a Sorby lathe for sale. Asking 800. Sorby lathes were only produced until 2003 but are well made. It is a tube lathe with the tubes made of solid stainless . Motor has been upgraded to a 220v 2hp. Also it is upgraded with a VFD. Mobile wheel set created by club members . Also comes...
  9. Gerald Lawrence

    Oneway 1224

    Our club has a Oneway 1224 for sale complete with faceplate, live center, drive spur. Set up as 110v .The pic is from website but is the same lathe as they still make this model exactly. It has wheels mounted underneath. Sorry no shipping. Located in Jackson,MS at the Ag Museum. Asking...
  10. W

    Wayne Smith

    Hi fellow wood peckers. I have worked with wood in some form or another since a teen. In high school I had a summer job for several years as a hard wood refinisher and installer. For a short period, I worked in Nebraska building town houses and in an industrial manufacturing plant as a...
  11. Glynn Cox

    JET JWL-1221VS lathe and stand like new

    SOLD This is a Jet JWL-1221VS lathe and Jet mating stand that are in excellent like new condition and located in Keller, Texas. This is current production so search the internet to get all the details. The following are provided: Lathe Stand Live Center Drive...
  12. Edward Fasano

    4-Inch Tool Rest

    4-Inch Tool Rest $28.00 Sturdy 4-Inch rest with 1-inch diameter post. Steel construction with hardened steel rod welded to top of rest. Rod is smooth and free of any impeding dings. Post is smooth and free of burrs. Good height for 10-12 inch lathes. Overall height is 4 7/8”. Post measures 1” x...
  13. John Torchick

    Using the indexing on the chuck

    I have a Supernova2 chuck and while mounting it recently, I discovered the holes in the back for indexing! Never really paid attention to them in the past. Yep, I'm a slow learner. I'm wanting to make a clock face, either round or square with the interior turned on the lathe, maybe a series of...
  14. Christerphor Hurst

    Laguna Tail Stock Hand Wheel - Replacement

    Hello there! New guy here:) While transporting my (new to me) laguna 1836 I lost the hand wheel for the tail stock. I have sent a form via the 'contact' page on the Laguna website but I was wondering if anyone else here has had to replace any non-accessory parts on their Laguna lathe. Thanks...
  15. Tom Coghill

    Wanted - ONEWAY 2436 Lathe

    Looking for a Oneway 2436 Lathe. It must be set up with M3,3.5 threads. I will be moving it to the SE of the USA so the closer to that corner of the country the better.
  16. John Torchick

    AAW magazine article!

    The latest issue has an article by John Lucas. It is both an interesting and informative article on indexing on the lathe. Had to run out to the shop and look. My SuperNova2 chuck has holes in the back which I take to be for indexing. John, thanks!
  17. John Torchick

    Turning handle

    My grandson had a gift certificate to WC. He picked out the ratcheting screwdriver. Tried to talk him into the ice cream scoop so he could use it when I visit. Wife is taking one of the kids to the orthodontist and he is coming over to work on this project Thursday. The instructions are on the...
  18. M

    Live center for craftsman lathe

    Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum. Recently dragged an old Craftsman lathe out of storage and starting turning. The tip on the live center is broken and I’m looking for new one. It is from Sears Canada, which no longer exists as an entity. I’ve tried Zlive Center, e-replacement parts and Sears...
  19. Gary Garrett

    Nova Comet II

    I finally stepped up to the Laguna Revo 24/36 and have an extra lathe laying about. It's just over a year old and was used for my buffing station for the last 6 months. Nova Comet II runs great. Comes as pictured, I'll even throw in the stand it's on if you are local. $375 as is. Shipping at...
  20. Glynn Cox

    JET JWL-1642EVS2 lathe for sale

    SOLD FOR SALE a super clean Jet JWL-1642EVS2 woodturning lathe. This lathe is 2 horse power 230 volt and is probably the cleanest lightly used lathe you have ever seen. Though the original owner turned pens and used CA for finishing which left parts looking less than original, a good cleaning...