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  1. Live, Laugh, Love

    Live, Laugh, Love

    Made this teapot a year ago, colored and pyrographed a design over the body and lid, did not like it, sanded it all off, and put it on the shelf waiting for inspiration. "Live, Laugh, Love" Picked it up a week ago and had another attempt with a different design. Turned from Pear...
  2. Radiant


    "Radiant" a box made from Maple burl, dyed red, yellow, and green. The base and the finial are made from Pear and dyed black.
  3. Bradford Pear Hollow Form Side 2

    Bradford Pear Hollow Form Side 2

    Bradford Pear, wet turned project. The finish is Danish Oil, 6 coats with a Carnuba and Beeswax topcoat.
  4. Bradford Pear Hollow Form

    Bradford Pear Hollow Form

    Bradford pear, spalted and some curly figure. 5.5x 3.5. It is hollowed through the 3/8 opening. Practicing with smaller openings. I could not measure the thickness of the wall, but judging by weight, I think it is fairly thin. Finish is Waterlox. Criticism or comments are welcome.
  5. Pear Box with Black Walnut Finial

    Pear Box with Black Walnut Finial

    Pear Box with Black Walnut Finial. 3 1/2" w. x 6" h. My first experiment with trying a cross grain box. I can understand now, why most boxes are turned end grain. Even though this beautiful piece of wood was thoroughly dry, it still moved and warped slightly and the lid needed some...
  6. Pear Hummer Bowl Set -2

    Pear Hummer Bowl Set -2

    View for Ruby Throated Hummer and Flowers.
  7. Pear Hummer Bowl Set - 1

    Pear Hummer Bowl Set - 1

    Collaborative piece for Bill and Denise Tilson by Bill and Diane. The wood is Bradford Pear harvested 1-1/2 years ago, rough turned cored, sealed, bagged and dried. They were finish turned last month and sanded through 400 grit with sealer between coats. The Blackwood piece was turned and...
  8. Multi-Axis Birdhouses

    Multi-Axis Birdhouses

    Inspired by Frank Penta at a workshop,I discovered that these birdhouses are extremely fun and easy to turn. The double perch birdhouse is apple wood, while the single perch house is bradford pear. I used Deft lacquer spray finish especially as the natural bark is rough and would be hard to...
  9. Flower Goblets

    Flower Goblets

    Roughly 2.75"x9.5" ea Blue = eucalyptus & bay, pink = eucalyptus & buckeye, orange = locust & pear Just fun variations on my flower goblet idea.
  10. Flower Goblet II

    Flower Goblet II

    2.75"x9.5", Pear & Honey Locust. Dyed and painted. The foot & leaf stem is turned from pear while the flower was turned from honey locust then inserted. Carving done with rotary tools. Relieved grain achieved using 3M radial bristle wheels. All comments welcome!
  11. "Lorentz Attractor"

    "Lorentz Attractor"

    Open form in pear with faint concentric circular swirls on interior suggestive of a Lorentz Attractor phase-space trajectory. High Resolution Image of Interior: http://www.lathescapes.com/HiResImages/LorentzAttractor2.JPG Base Diameter: 1 3/4" Height: 3 3/4" Max Diameter at...
  12. Pear Natural Edge Bowl

    Pear Natural Edge Bowl

    Finish: Waterlox & ArborWax Material: Pear Base: 1 7/16" Height: 4" Max Diameter at Rim: 6 1/4" Wall Thickness: 1/16"
  13. Woodworker's Mallet

    Woodworker's Mallet

    I used some stock left over from other projects to turn this woodworker's mallet. The handle is walnut with a very distinct demarkation line between the heart and sap woods. It extends into the head about 2 1/2" and is attached with 2-part epoxy. The head is pear. Overall Length...
  14. Pierced Bradford Pear vase

    Pierced Bradford Pear vase

    Bradford Pear 15" high, Piercedwith a Dremel tool and a rotozip bit that is used to cut drywall
  15. Bradford Pear detail

    Bradford Pear detail

    Detail shot of the texturing. This was done with the Bob Rosand small pointed gouge tool which he uses on his boxes, etc.
  16. Bradford Pear

    Bradford Pear

    Bradford Pear, 10"x4.75", Tung oil finish, with "soft line" texturing.