• Turning of the Week -- May 23, 2022

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  1. ...for the trees

    ...for the trees

    It is often said that we can't see the forest for the trees. This piece celebrates the forest and the trees. Turned from a single piece of maple, this 2 walled form is 6" tall and 6" in diameter. It is pierced and carved to expose the trees a view of the forest...and one of it's residents. It is...
  2. Erosion Tea Pot

    Erosion Tea Pot

    Sycamore, hollowed and pierced. Pyrography and iron paint with rust activator.
  3. Erosion Tea Pot, (Lid off)

    Erosion Tea Pot, (Lid off)

    Sycamore, hollowed and pierced. Pyrography and iron paint with rust activator.
  4. reef fishbowl

    reef fishbowl

    Another pierced piece with a salt water airbrushed theme.
  5. Floral Piercing Box

    Floral Piercing Box

    This box is in mohogany , size about 15 cm , finish with danish oil
  6. Pine cone platter

    Pine cone platter

    15" x 1-1/4" Quarter sawn Sapele platter, embellished with pyrography and extensive piercing.
  7. Glynn Cox

    NSK Presto high speed handpiece for piercing, carving or sculpting

    SOLD The NSK Presto handpiece is the top of the line high speed air turbine for piercing or other wood, egg, gourd or stone sculpting. This handpiece has been professionally reconditioned to new condition with new German made ABEC9 quality ceramic lubeless bearings, O-rings, wave washer and...
  8. Glynn Cox

    NSK Presto high speed handpiece piercing or carving

    SOLD FOR SALE is one NSK Presto 350000 RPM handpiece. This is the preferred handpiece of both turners and carvers. The handpiece has been completely reconditioned with new German made high end GRW ceramic no lube bearings along with a new chuck, wave washer and 'O' rings. Chuck and nose...
  9. Equilibrium


    I thought I would try something a bit different for a change. This piece is made from sycamore felled by a neighbour a few weeks ago. I used the pieces I cut out of the white area to make the black area wiring it all together took ages but I think the end result is what I set out to achieve...
  10. Harmattan


    Sycamore Pierced and ebonised. Approx 8 x 4 inches Named after a Saharan wind
  11. Comet close up

    Comet close up

    Here is another photo of Comet. It shows the detail a little better.
  12. Comet


    Sycamore. Pierced, and pyrographed. Approx 13 inches in diameter.
  13. Pierced Egg Ornament

    Pierced Egg Ornament

    This pierced Egg ornament has walunt finials and measures 6" h x 1 3/4" w. Doing the egg piercing was the real challenge after trying to straighten up the blow holes in the ends from removing the egg inside. I have also tried dying some of these. You must not have used any...
  14. Fleur De Lei Ornament

    Fleur De Lei Ornament

    Egg Shaped Spalted Hackberry with Maple Finial and pierced Fleur De Lei pattern. 2" w x 6" h. The main part of this ornament was turned and hollowed like a box and then glued together. The glue line can be seen if you really look, but the spalting and piercing pattern cover it pretty...
  15. Red Series # 2

    Red Series # 2

    7" X 9" Maple bowl that has been dyed with a dark red Artisan dye. The top has a pierced ring. The lid is ebonized Maple and the inside has been ebonized and embellished with pyrography. Comments welcome.
  16. Valentines coming

    Valentines coming

    Actually this one is for our anniversary that was yesterday. Maple 6 diameter 1 and 1/4 bowl height and ebony finial 4 inches heigh. With 8 pierced hearts. painted with irridecent acrylics. As always comments welcome . Jeff Greenwood
  17. Shade


    This pierced, painted, pyrographed piece is 6" high and 14 diameter elm. I received it from a turning friend who had gone through the bottom of it He knows I pierce so here it is so far and after 47 hours for the piercing alone. The colours are a mix of 3 each and with irridescent and...
  18. Pierced Rim Bowl

    Pierced Rim Bowl

    Bubinga Pierced Rim (5-1/8" x 1-7/8"). This was my first meager attempt at piercing. Really makes me appreciate the experts at this stuff!
  19. Yeah, I know !

    Yeah, I know !

    Natural Edge Hollowform / closed bowl shape. Tulip Poplar. 6.5" x 4" No, I didn't start out with this shape in mind. I cut out the sides because the wood was so bland. Left a round foot as the base. Didn't look right so I kept cutting it down until the shape just ...