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  1. Anatir


    Horse Chestnut, pierced and ebonised approx 22cmx 8cm All comments and criticism welcome
  2. Harmattan


    Sycamore Pierced and ebonised. Approx 8 x 4 inches Named after a Saharan wind
  3. Simoom


    5x5 inches Horse chestnut, Carved and Textured using a pyrography machine. Simoom is the name of a cyclonic Saharan wind.
  4. Timbole


    Laburnum bowl with piercing approx 5 x4 inches
  5. Comet close up

    Comet close up

    Here is another photo of Comet. It shows the detail a little better.
  6. Comet


    Sycamore. Pierced, and pyrographed. Approx 13 inches in diameter.