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  1. John Torchick

    Relocate the switch?

    I have a Rikon 70-050VS lathe. I have noticed that many models of the smaller lathes have the headstock opposite the switch location. I'm not comfortable with reaching in front of the lathe to slow the headstock if there is a balance problem, etc. Obviously, there is no room to install the...
  2. Adam Crankshaw

    Adam Crankshaw

    Hi There, My name is Adam. I have been interested in woodturning for upwards of 15 years but just recently started my journey of learning the craft. My 4 year old son and I got hooked on wood turning videos over the past year so during our COVID lockdown, I decided to purchase a small lathe...
  3. John Torchick

    Grinder wheels?

    I have a Rikon grinder with the standard wheels. Might have some extra $$$$ later this year and need some input on the CBN wheels. Appreciate your experience and recommendations.
  4. John Torchick

    HF dust collector?

    My Shop-Vac died today- motor started to smoke which isn't a good sign. I checked and a new motor is $79.10 plus S&H. I can buy a new Shop Vac for a few bucks more but will have a collection of accessories. However...my wife asked about the HF dust collector (her idea). I found that it will...
  5. John Torchick

    Rikon portable dust collector?

    I am in the process of cleaning up the shop before finishing a dozen stair treads. My shop is rather limited for space. I did a search on Woodcraft's website and found the Rikon portable DC. I can also hook it to a Dust Deputy for extra efficiency. Might have to do some shuffling with tools and...
  6. A

    Rikon Woodfast 70 500

    Any of you guys own a Rikon Woodfast 70 500? I bought mine 4 months ago and I'm very pleased, I just don't see much information in the internet or see many people with a similar lathe. I know this model was taken from the Australian Woodfast lathe, but would like to hear your thoughts about it...
  7. John Torchick

    New lathe!

    I got my new Rikon 70-050VS lathe a while back but remodeling has taken a lot of my time. This has interfered with important things like fishing, hunting, turning. I started it up yesterday to rough-turn a grip for a rod I'm building as an auction item for a fundraiser. I was impressed with...