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  1. R

    Hidden things in wood

    Well, this wasn't fun! I'm sure that some of you have no doubt found things in wood over the years that give you a bit of heartburn, but this is one that happened to me this morning. This was from a large, heavy crotch piece, of that Red Maple Burl that I posted the small vase from last week...
  2. Evan Pearson

    Dust Concerns

    Hello! I'm brand new to turning; thank you for accepting me in to the forum! I know this topic is discussed in many places but I'd very much appreciate some direct feedback. I'll try not to be too long-winded here. I recently became interested in turning so I took a class at the local WoodCraft...
  3. V

    PPE - What do you use?

    For the last number of years I have been using a Triton air helmet in my shop while turning. I had to replace the batteries a number of years ago and the fan motor last year. Now it is acting up again and I guess it is time to retire it. I am considering the Trend Airshield Pro ($500 Cdn) or the...
  4. T

    Safety gear for young (or smaller) turners

    Does anyone have specific recommendations on face shields and goggles that are sized to fit young turners? I have a couple face shields where the headband can adjust pretty small, but the shield is so big it is cumbersome for the kid to work around. This is for beginners, we won't be turning...
  5. Zach LaPerriere

    Cottonwood: how to not get killed

    I've been seeing a lot of marginal to unsafe cottonwood turning around the internet, especially on Instagram, and especially with newer turners. So I thought to post a couple pictures, some thoughts, and hear what those more experienced than me have to say. A few days ago I got my hands on a...
  6. joecornell

    safety issues with white diamond and tripoli buffing

    I have started making wooden goblets (picasaweb.google.com/joeswoodart - honest comments appreciated) and finishing them with General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish. I have looked at the MSDS for white diamond and tripoli compounds on the web and it appears that tripoli is silicon dioxide (same...