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  1. A

    Best Wood Tools - Modular Restsm

    1-12”long x 11/16” dia rest w/ 1” dia x 6” tall post ( used on my OW 2436) 1- 6” long x 11/16” dia rest w/ 3 1/4” tall post (used on my OW1224) Drill bushings (they can be threaded on to the tool post for accurate drilling sizes are 3/16” dia to 3/8” dia Two box turning tool rests wide (1 1/2” x...
  2. Marty Purselley

    Glaser 1/2 inch Bedan tool

    Glaser 1/2 inch Bedan tool. Great shape. $100 shipped.
  3. Jim McLain

    Hollowing tool handles 2 each

    Dennis Stewart/Sorby arm brace tool handles for 3/4 inch hollowing tools. 2 per package. I have one 1/2 inch adapter that will allow the use of 1/2 inch tools that I will throw in at no cost. $80 shipped to your location. I have a total of 4 or 2 packages. I am open to offers. Contact me...
  4. John Torchick

    DIY tool handle?

    Have some steel bars that I want to turn into Bedan tools. What wood do you use for handles? Thanks.
  5. Eileen Stephens

    Good bench grinder for sharpening tools

    Hi, am trying to get started on a budget. I could purchase a $99 grinder from Woodcraft, or I am wondering about buying a vintage motor + belted bench grinder pair at auction, since I had heard that ole time tools are much higher in quality than recent cheap entries. Are there any cons to...
  6. J

    Has anyone had experience with Serious Tool works tools?

    http://www.serioustoolworks.com/woodturning-gouges.php Reputed to be of better steel than other tools on the market. Also are double ended. Is double ended an practical advantage? Are replaceable shafts held with set screws or locking collar as reliable as regular ferrule mounted shafts?
  7. Turquoise Beauty

    Turquoise Beauty

    ~Turquoise Beauty~ Hand-Turned & Carved Hardwood Crochet Hook, Size H (5 mm) Materials: Birds-eye Maple, "Aqua" and "Dakota" Dyed Hardwoods
  8. Turing Cabinet

    Turing Cabinet

    Here it is closed
  9. Turning Cabinet

    Turning Cabinet

    Lockable cabinet for turning tools, grinder and accessories. Top can be detached for transport.