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Poolewood Euro 2000 Lathe FS

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Mar 17, 2005
I'm selling my Poolewood lathe. Valdese, NC. $1500.

Bought in 2003 from David Ellsworth. See the pic below and this link that for a google photo album of pics: http://tinyurl.com/jkq52kr


  • Bench top design with fully welded steel body.
  • Motor: 2hp, Direct Drive: No belts, full torque, forward/reverse and extremely quiet. Connects to standard 220 outlet with 20amp breaker.
  • Speed control with LED RPM readout (0-3500 forward/reverse).
  • 40" between centers, 20" diameter swing
  • Spindle: 1 1/4"x8tpi, #2 Morse Taper.
  • Bearings: Double Timkin roller bearings (front), factory sealed motor bearings (rear).
  • Headstock rotates 180 degrees: Excellent for turning open bowls and hollow forms off front side of lathe, using outboard tool rest bracket, and for left handed turners.
  • Tailstock – #2 Morse Taper, 3" barrel travel
  • Emergency 'panic' switch located on side of lathe bed.
  • The stand is a full 28" wide to provide stability when turning large or out-of-round objects. The stand is easy to sweep under, and the legs never get in the way of your feet.
  • The lathe stand has height adjustable legs, as well as to level on any floor surface. Spindle height ranges from 39" to 48" high.
  • Additional Included Equipment: 16” toolrest, 6” toolrest, 4” toorest, 6” faceplate. Sierra Mold Vacuum Chuck with 3 bells, 1 vacuum faceplate (http://sierramold.com/index.php/woodturning-tools/vacuumaster-vaccum-chuck-assembly)
  • The banjo is sized for a 30 mm post. Supplied toolrests listed above are this diameter. Also supplied are two Steel sleeves to allow use of more common 1” toolposts. This has worked well for me for years.
  • Weight: Approximately 500 lbs
  • Price: $1500
  • Excellent Working condition, no service needed
Available for demonstration and pick up in Valdese NC. This lathe is quite heavy to move. The headstock, tailstock, and lathe bed are removable from the stand to facilitate moving.

David Propst
Valdese, NC

Note on the Outboard Rest.
I bought this massive rest from David after he stopped selling these lathes in 2004. It can be added to the existing stand, I just never got around to it. I have specific instructions on making brackets to mount it.


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