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  1. Bill Boehme
    @Curtis Fuller I spend proportionally far more time on the braided rim than anything else. That's the hook that grabs the viewers attention so I consider it to be one of the most important parts.
  2. Curtis Fuller
    @Bill Boehme Thanks Bill. I was hoping you would chime in with some advice. That braided pattern around the rim is very difficult for me and is going to take some more practice. I'll make a wooden...
  3. Bill Boehme
    Good work, Curtis. You're progressing rapidly. If I can offer a couple suggestions, I think that doing some shading and using a lighter touch on the herringbone patten would help give it a more...
  4. Martin Groneng
    Very creative, Curtis! Just Superb!
  5. Lamar Wright
    Very nice job Robert, love the natural edge.

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