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1202-1 Myrtle Burl Bowl (Front)

1202-1 Myrtle Burl Bowl (Front)

1202 Myrtle Burl Bowl, 7 x 3-3/4, Sanded to 1200, Danish Oil, Bealle Buff.

Cut from a larger piece of Myrtle burl which has dried fully over several years in my shops wood pile. Kept walls thicker (approx. 3/8- 1/2) to keep bowl intact, maintain surface character and figure while providing a slightly heavier fill and reduced chance of our cats knocking it down and taking it for a spin around the room.

Your comments, opinions and critiques are greatly appreciated. Also, as my photography skills are limited, any photo comments or improvement suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, JL
Beautiful piece of Myrtle burl.........and, if I'm not mistaken, I've seen that style and shape somewhere before.......!

You are undoubtedly learning a few things about just how difficult it is to get clean cuts and sand in a shape like this......

Odie, Thanks so much for the comments and ratings.

Wherever could you have seen that style and shape before?? Steel and learn from the best, I say. Hope someday my work is as creative and inspiring as yours so I have the same problem. Thanks for sharing your artistry and yes you might see a few more shapes and styles that ring a familiar bell.

Learning with every turn of the lathe and loving it!

Thanks, JL

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