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  • Twist on a theme
    Thanks Chris, and thanks to all the "Likes" The twisted finials and the hanger part were turned from comp wood. Comp wood is wood that has been compressed long ways, interesting stuff more at Puretimber.com
    They (?) say, just soak it and bend it, however I found hot water makes coaxing things...
  • Canarywood Lidded Dome Box
    Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words.
  • Twist on a theme
    Wait... What?... Nicely done Clifton ! I really like it - very emotive and fun. Did you steam the finials to do that?
  • Hollow Form Evolution
    To me, the design of the legs fight with the style of the vessel. Like putting Queen Anne legs on a piece of shaker furniture. Just my opinion of course.
  • Hollow Form Evolution
    Wow! I really like the way this turned out.

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