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Purple Haze

Purple Haze

This is my first major work since July and is the successor to my In The Steppes of Central Asia pieces released this summer. After attending the AAW Symposium in Albuquerque I was inspired to try some of the new ideas and techniques I had picked up. After many experiments and creative changes, with two interruptions for some travel, I finally settled on a final design for this set of calabash vessels.

Each vessel and lid were scaled to graduate their sizes. The vessels are turned from big leaf maple and hollowed to 1/8 wall thickness, sanded and naturally finished inside. The rings were turned and frame the textured rings. The outside of each vessel was branded with my own design. The lid bottoms were turned first, natural finished and then reversed and the top side turned. The texture was then applied to the lids and rings on the vessels.

The branded portions of the vessels were sealed and then coated with black gesso and top coated with a clear matt finish. The textured portion of the vessels and lids were finished with various metallic art colors which adds an iridescent metal look. The purple rings and handles were masked and airbrushed. Id like to thank Molly Winton and Andi Wolfe for sharing their techniques which contributed to the design of these pieces.

The height of the three are 7 , 6 and 5 .
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Bill, these are very nice, to say the least. I, too, attended both Molly's and Andi's demos in Albuquerque, was totally fascinated by their work. And, I came away from there with so much to do, still working on it. I don't know when you watched Molly there, but I was sitting in the front row, wearing a JB's Fish Camp t-shirt, and timed her making that very little form inbetween demos (17 minutes, as I recall). I'm actually in her videotaped demo, you can see my beard and sandled feet to her right, and the little vessel is sitting on top of the headstock.

Great work, looking forward to more.

Beautiful, Bill. The proportions are right on which, I'm sure, took great care. You've done a fantastic job of burning, texturing, and coloring. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Rick and Hal for the comments.

Rick - I actually saw Molly in Portland 2 years ago and started branding right after that. I've corresponded with Molly since then and she talked me into bringing my "It The Steppes Of Central Asia" to the instant gallery in Albuquerque. That set ended up in the Instant Gallery Critique. I was quite pleased and spend some time with Molly at the Symposium. She has been a great help and support to me. Andi Wolfe's rotations were helpful in learning how to apply the metallic paints to the textured band of the current set. Woodturners are great lot. Most are willing to share ideas and techniques.
A wonderful group of vessels!

Turning of the Week, 11-13-09
AAW Home Page Photo
Thanks Ed and Kurt. Your comments and "Woodturning of the Week" honor are greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to the complete make over of the web site. You're off to a great start.
Hi Bill congratulations on the turning of the week
Did you have to post next to my meager work l.o.l
Hope these stay together they are a beautiful set
Thanks Terry. Actually I'm a big of your work enjoy seeing all the different forms and surface enhancements you use. I'm trying to catch up but have a long way to go.
DON'T ANYONE TELL MY WIFE ABOUT THESE! Some wiseguy showed her a dining room table years ago and she would have none other - so I had to build her one JUST LIKE IT. These glorious little beauties will be the same thing all over again. Absolutely exquisite work - shape, form, consistency, balance - they've got it all!
Very, very nice. I went to both Molly's and Andi's seminars at the symposium and I can assure you that, though greatly inspired, I haven't come home to make anything that would compare with these!

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