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Tortoise Bowl
Al Chavez

Tortoise Bowl

Experiment in form. Ash wood, carving and white encaustic wax.
This piece was a lot of experimentation for me. Some things worked out very well and some were great learning experiences. The finish did not turn out as I planned. I used encausetic paint but had some issues layering colors so it now resembles "Danish Soap Finish" and I applied it to both the interior and and exterior. Buffed out and topped with Renaissance Wax.
Al, this is an interesting experiment in carving and embellishment - you should be applauded for that! It looks like a split turning ... if so, you need to have a perfectly flat rim before your glue-up - and then you need a method of embellishment/carving to disguise the glue line. Just my 2¢. :)

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