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AAW Store problems

Jan 9, 2009
Central Kentucky
Just noticed today that the Store has some issues. When I tried to access the info for the individual AAW logo items, I was directed back to the AAW Products, Publications and Featured Items section. Same deal when trying to access the individual Instuctional DVDs, Master Series, etc.

When I clicked on the View Cart icon, I got this:

ADODB.Command error '800a0d5d'

Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation.

/shop/ShopCart1.asp, line 10

Not sure what the problem is, but wanted to give someone a "heads up" about these issues.
I'll gladly accept more doorprize for noticing. ;)

Oct 25, 2005
Newberg, OR: 20mi SW of Portland: AAW #21058
Glenn, I poked around and added a few items to the cart. Everything appeared to work fine for me all the way to submitting a payment. The only thing I did notice was that a couple of the close-up image links were not functioning. Some were of such low resolution -- the symposium tee-shirts -- that they were of no use at all.

I wonder if your browser is acting funny or not accepting Java, cookies, pop-ups or whatnot (I didn't explore the code behind the links so don't know what is used to navigate and place items in the cart).
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Jun 16, 2004
Colorado Springs, CO
In cases like this, the first thing you should try is to close your browser completely, then open up a new/fresh browsing session...this almost always works. It's also handy to have two or more browsers on hand, so if one is acting up, the other may still come through. Here are some links to browser heaven:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Apple Safari

Modzilla Firefox
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