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Gallery Images: Title and Description now required

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Bill Boehme

Staff member
Beta Tester
Jan 27, 2005
Dalworthington Gardens, TX
This is a familiar requirement for most forum members. In the previous version of XenForo Media Gallery, it was a requirement that a title had to be entered or else the image could not be uploaded. With the recent forum upgrade, XenForo allowed image uploads to the gallery without entering a title in which case the filename would become the title. A typical filename would be something like IMG_1234.jpg which is totally useless to anyone viewing the image. Fortunately, Chris was able to modify the code so that now you must enter a title AND a description before you can upload the image to the gallery. The title doesn't have to be "artsy-fartsy", it can be something simple and descriptive like "Little Maple Bowl" (assuming that it really is a little maple bowl). In the description, you can say whatever you like such as the wood species, size of the turning, what finish used, how many times it flew off the lathe, etc.
Not open for further replies.