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Higher grade face shield

Oct 8, 2020
La Porte, IN
I was looking for a unit for safety and hearing protection that was comfortable. Not much out their but came across this unit and love it. Its comfortable and works well. I changed the clear shield with the bionic unit and works great for what I was looking for. Found it on Amazon for 80 dollars Canadian. Use it for chainsawing, and many other shop jobs.

GREEN DEVIL Forestry Safety Helmet Chainsaw Helmet with Face Shield and Ear Muffs 3 in 1 Forestry Hard Hat …​

Hey Norm...did you have to do any modification to change out the stock shield for the Bionic shield? I had one of these in my Amazon cart for chainsaw work since you'd made this post. Price was $60 USD but i noticed today that it's $48 USD for the "Black Friday", so it's on its way here. If it's an easy adaption for the Bionic mask, i may go ahead use it for turning as well.