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Jumbo/Bowl Jaws for Apprentice Chuck System - I found some

Apr 17, 2021
Hollister, MO
I have the Apprentice Chuck System (Craft Supplies USA, woodturnerscatalog.com, Part# 1011100005 | Mfg Part# CK3.75-4K CHUCK). Starting out in turning, I didn't have the funds for a high end chuck, such as a NOVA. The Apprentice system was recommended to me as a less expensive, yet still a quality choice. I have been very pleased with the chuck. Yes, I can tell the difference between it and the high end chucks, but it has served me well. I anticipate it will continue to do so until I can afford a better one.

The system came with four jaw sets. Unfortunately, no jumbo/bowl jaws. I wrote Craft Supplies and they said none existed. However, searching on Amazon I found numerous sets that, when looking at the measurements they provided, seemed like they might work. I took a $25 gamble. They fit perfectly - even the indexing slot screw. The jaws are claimed to be compatible with the PSI C-Series chucks (CSC3000C, CSC3500SE, CUG3418CC, CMG3C, CSC2000C). The jaws I received are cast aluminum. I have no idea whether the jaws from PSI would be steel or any more substantial in strength, but the ones I received are of adequate quality and strength for my purposes. As a bonus, I see no reason why the flat jaw extensions from PSI or Amazon third-party would not fit and allow an increase from 8.5" to 14".

Anyway, I hope this information helps someone.



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