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Lathe for sale

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Oct 24, 2006
Dillsburg, PA
General 260 variable speed lathe with riser blocks and bed extension. Swing is 20” over bed and 24” over gap (gap filler block included). Length between centers is 104”. Includes: 60” bed extension, three banjos, 12” tool rest, 24” tool rest, 3” tool rest, outboard turning attachment, gap filler block, spur center, live center, 6” faceplate, two 3” faceplates, faceplate wrench, knockout bar, owners manual.

This machine is in great condition. I’ve had it for the past 15 years and it has performed flawlessly the entire time. The variable speed reeves drive is one of the best ever made and has been reliable and 100% trouble free. I’m letting it go because I don’t see myself needing it’s huge capacity any longer and I need to reclaim some space in my shop.

Price: $1,350.
Not open for further replies.