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My open segment turning set up

Mar 16, 2024
Wyoming, ON
This is not my invention. I got the idea from Earls Small Shop and adapted it to my own need. I had bought a disc form EZ Jigs who had the plans from Earl and produced the disc for him. The Delta spindle has an outboard thread as well, so the disc sits on the thread which is a bit sloppy. So I took the outboard nut off and put it into my metal lathe and took a bit off the face leaving a small tapered ridge on the inside around the hole to fit the hole in the disc. This allows the disc to be centered accurately. Then I built the glue-up platform. The diameter stop is a block of UHMW with a saw cut in it. The cut fits the angle piece just snug enough that I didn't need a clamp screw on it. The indexing system can be easily disengaged by loosening the set screw in the bottom bracket holding the post and swinging it away from the disc. The lathe can then be run while levelling the face of each row once set Just slide the tail stock back and sand the face with a sanding board, I also made a 12" sanding disc which can be used inboard as well as out board, The OneWay face plate has double thread in it I use it here to clamp the top solid segment ring on. The face plate is held on a ball bearing arbor that has the same thread as my spindle.


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Aug 16, 2022
Butler, PA
I like your idea of mounting the index plate outboard, that frees up space behind the chuck for moving a router around. Thanks for the idea. I have a Laguna lathe and the outboard setup is a little different from your Delta so I'll have to do some investigating.
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