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New Rules and FAQ for Forum Usage

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Steve Worcester

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Apr 9, 2004
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The AAW is providing the online gallery and forum for your woodturning interaction and pleasure. We hope you will find it to be a pleasant and useful resource to encourage and learn about woodturning.

The AAW reserves the right to delete photos or discussion threads without advance notice.
Commercial wants-ads are not allowed and will be deleted. Additionally, we do not allow commercial posts in the forums at all. Generally this is limited to starting threads touting, presenting or talking about your product. You are free to comment about a product you are affiliated with providing you did not instigate in any way or encourage that posting. This is in all areas of the forums.

Bannings Policy
The first offense will be a warning, the second will result in a 60 day suspension. Third offense is a LIFETIME ban from the forums.

Photo limits:
Each photo is currently limited to 250kb (but registered AAW members are allowed single photos up to 2MB )and 1920x1920 pixels in size
Photos may be jpg or gif, but jpg shows picture quality better.
Each member is limited to 10MB (AAW members 25MB) , members may remove and replace older photos to display more recent work. Animated pictures are prohibited.
Maximum 4 photos per day, maximum two views of a work, unless photo editing software is used to compose a composite image of multiple views.
The gallery is intended for images of finished turnings. Members are encouraged to post images of shops, studios, tools, jigs etc. by starting a thread in the main forum.
Photo limits do not apply in forum thread, post as many (on topic) images as you would like.

Content limits: For photos of turned items, you should only post photos of items which you created. You can not post photos of other people's work.
This is a woodturning resource. Off-topic postings and photos will be mildly tolerated.
On-topic content includes most woodturning related content.
Off-topic content includes all non-woodturning content; examples:
family members (ie. baby pictures, weddings, parties, etc)
trucks, houses, landscapes, waterscapes, postcards, "first snow", etc
no unapproved contest postings or product advertisements
politics, government, war (or military "actions"), etc
New tools, lathes, etc.
--> Unless you invented it everyone probably already knows what it looks like. If you have a new tool you invented , submit it as an advertisment in the AAW Journal, not here.

How To's and Techniques:
The AAW encourages tutorials, how-to's, and technique descriptions.
> Often these types of postings include text with associated pictures.
Please submit these items as complete PDFs or Word documents.
Please do NOT submit these items as separate text with multiple separate pictures; submissions of this type will be removed. If you have questions or need assistance regarding the correct delivery of your tutorial, please contact an AAW moderator.

Vulgarity and Interaction:
Please be polite when interacting with fellow woodturners.
We are all in this together.
There is no reason to be rude.
If you are rude you get a warning.
Repeat offenders will be blocked from membership.
Vulgarity is not tolerated. Vulgarity includes bad words, mean spirited discussion, slander and genericly being uncivil.
First timers are warned. Repeat offenders will be blocked from membership.
Internet "trolls" will be blocked.

Signature Usage and Guidelines
A signature is text that will show up under the message when you post and under all your messages if you edit it
Typical usage is to show your web page or business name and that can include a hyperlink to your site
We will not allow the signature to be used for political statments or to be used in some off putting or rude method
This is at the administrator and moderators discretion and will result in an edit and a warning
Second offense will result in a banning per the banning rules
Third event will result in a lifetime ban
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