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Policy On Uncivil Behavior

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Steve Worcester

Admin Emeritus
Apr 9, 2004
Plano, Texas
In the past few weeks I have been disturbed by an increase in the number of personal attacks, snide remarks, and inflammatory posts on the forum. This is a violation of the fourms longstanding policy forbidding uncivil behavior. It threatens to undermine the reputation of the forum as a place for reasonable, intelligent conversation, and causes legitimate posters to refrain from posting or stay away entirely.

With this in mind, we are implementing a new policy on uncivil behavior.

If you can't be civil, if you can't treat your fellow posters as adults, then we will send you a PM warning. We will make the determination of what constitutes uncivil behavior, and our decisions will be final. If you continue to be uncivil, we will ban you for 30 days and send you an email. Banning will not allow you to recieve PMs or post for that period.

If you are not willing to abide by this new policy, then please fell free to frequent a different forum other than the AAW's and we will be happy to reccomend some.

If you have questions about this decision, please contact the moderators directly. You can email us at forum_moderator@aawforum.org

Thank you for understanding and cooperating with this new policy.
Not open for further replies.