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Welcome, Ornamental Turners International

Bill Boehme

Staff member
Beta Tester
Jan 27, 2005
Dalworthington Gardens, TX
Ornamental Turners, International is a virtual AAW chapter (website: http://ornamentalturners.com/). @RichColvin, OTI President, contacted the AAW Executive Director, Phil McDonald, and the AAW Forum Administrators with a request to migrate the OTI forum into the AAW Forum. Phil saw this move as beneficial to both the AAW and OTI. Following Phil's approval and discussions with Rich Colvin, a new forum named Ornamental Turning has been created in the Woodturning Forums category. The purpose of the new forum is to discuss and share all things related to ornamental turning. All AAW forum members are invited to participate in the new ornamental turning forum. Also, OTI members are invited to participate in all of the AAW forums. Many of the OTI members are already AAW Forum members. Rich Colvin is the moderator of the new ornamental turning forum and we may also call on him to lend a hand with duties on the other AAW forums.