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2019 Ornaments
Tom Gall

2019 Ornaments

Grouping of some of my 2019 Ornaments. Hollow globes (maple) with Holly icicles or hangers & caps. Approx. 2½”ø x 6-7” tall.

All are a little different (shape, design, or colors) but use the same techniques. Textured and carved, colored with acrylic & metallic paints. The hardest thing is coming up with a new design each year.
Tom, these like all of your ornaments are so beautiful and delicate. i love the free hanging icicles and caps. the flow of your designs combined with the clean cuts on the icicles are superior. Where are you getting those very cool hook and ring caps for the assembly?
@Thomas Scurto-Davis
Thanks, Tom. I assume you are referring to all the little brass parts. They are all jewelry findings - screw eyes, jump rings, and eye pins and can be found at all jewelry suppliers and craft stores (i.e. Michael's, Amazon, etc.). The small screw eyes with caps can be difficult to source these days - I bought several gross about 20 years ago. The eye pins (to which the ribbon is attached) are bent on top to act as hangers. They can also be cut short and use the loop instead of the screw eyes.

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