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Ash Vessel - decorated
Tom Gall

Ash Vessel - decorated

(2019) Bucks Woodturners “Pollyanna” exchange. Ash - 5¼”ø x 4¾”h.

Embellished with cup burs, stipple textured with small round burs, colored with airbrushed acrylics and metallic paints.
Excellent execution. Can you link or tell us more about the cup burs you used to make the little circles? What about airbrushing that crisp line? Masking tape or something else?
@Ben Grefe
Thanks, Ben. Cup burs are used in the jewelry making industry. Larger sizes are now available for woodworkers. They have 3/32" or 1/8" shafts and are used in rotary tools (micro-motor or flex-shaft - Lots of smoke!). I've purchased them in the past from Rio Grande and Otto Frei (jewelry suppliers), but more recently from MDI Woodcarvers Supply (see link).

Yes, masking tape to free-form the center band for painting, and then again over the painted center band to paint over the stippling and rim area. 3M vinyl tape (narrow widths ¼"+) works well for curves (but pricey) and cheaper stuff for just covering larger areas.

Wow, very nice Tom! You combined so many decorative techniques into one piece and it came out tasteful and beautiful!

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