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Labyrinth turning
Konstantin Gusev

Labyrinth turning

It took about a month to prepare for this project. The work itself is about 8 hours. I am very happy with the result, I think to try now with a rectangular labyrinth. After this project, the phrase "turning in hard-to-reach places" has a whole other meaning for me.....
Yes, I have a video. As far as I understand, it is forbidden to publish the technology and tools here. But you can easily find me on instagram or facebook.
That is not exactly correct. It is not against our policy. You have permission to publish information about any tools or techniques that you have developed if somebody asks and you agree to share what you have done.

On the other hand, what we do not allow is an unsolicited posting of information that is commercial in nature (commonly known on the Internet as "spamming").
This is my work, I have proof. I do not claim that it is a unique work in the entire world.
Of course, it's possible that someone else in the world is doing similar things, but how do I know about it?

I apologize, but it seems that Mr. Thompkins ignored our rule regarding civil discourse.

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