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Legendary Kracken Brothers
Linda Ferber

Legendary Kracken Brothers

Legendary Kracken Brothers: Broog and Mroog. Growing and learning in all their Kracken adventures. The love and laughter are strong bonds.

Collab: AL Garber, Alison Fust and Linda Ferber. They were made for Bode and Miller. Materials: wood, metal, putty clay and paint.
could u expand on who did what? Seems gotta be some kind of inspiration for this collaboration.
The start of project and sketches was from me. I turned, carved and painted the head. Al and Alison did the blacksmithing for legs. They came up with way to do suction cups.

Togeather we grouped the legs and installed. I applied the putty and added metal reactive paint.

They will be at our state fair then travel to the grandkids. It was fun to work on this project with them. The boys love Kacken stories.

Cheers Linda
I have pic of sketches and WIP on FB
The grandkids love them, even helping with the name. They got a 2nd place ribbon at the MM State Fair

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