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Ludlow List 75

Ludlow List 75

It could be an urn, if one put cremains in it. Else, it does a good job of simply displacing around 130 cu in of air. Access is through the pentabolt on top of the bonnet. The bolt is 3/8-16 with a 3/4-10 helicoil on it. The woods are apricot and Arizona walnut.
I see that upload requirements are that the image be under 1MB, which it is, and that it be max resolution of 1920x1920, which it exceeds. So I figured I'd delete the image, and upload one that meets both those criteria. I do not find a way to delete the image, nor even the image plus the text. This is annoying. Do I want to be webmaster for this group? nope. So I don't come here often.
You can upload an image as large as you wish as far as pixel dimensions are concerned and the forum software will automatically resize it for display, but the large image is still there and can still be accessed. A 1 MB file size is quite generous and any photo editing software can use JPG compression to considerably reduce file size. Since most monitors have a vertical dimension that is 1400 pixels or less, it doesn't make much sense to upload images straight out of the camera. AAW members can upload images up to 2 MB in size, but for all practical purposes that isn't a limit that is often needed.

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Fire Hydrants
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Rick O'Ryan
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9.0 mm
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Wed, 20 July 2022 7:29 AM
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