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Spin Tops
Tom Gall

Spin Tops

I decided to post these even after seeing Jon Sauer's amazing tops!

These are my only turnings for 2020 to date (pathetic! – I know). These were made in February for our club’s Top-a-thon sale at the Woodworking Show in NJ and for a few other local events throughout the year. All proceeds go to the Children’s Specialized Hospital.
These are as great a group of tops as I've seen! Just curious, approximately what size are they? The image on the mirror is so cool too.
@Curtis Fuller Thank you, Curtis. They are 2"ø or a little less. Our club supplies most of the 2x2" blanks and many are not square - which results in a slightly smaller diameter. About 2-1/4"-2-3/8" tall. Mirror? ....no mirror involved.
Hi Tom, Wow, those are some super nice tops, plus each one is a unique work of art, and you can play with the. I bet as they spin the colors are fantastic. Thank you for sharing !
@Tom Gall Ha! On my phone (and with my old man eyes) the photo of the tops on their matching bases looked like they were sitting on a mirror. Again, those are really nice tops and bases.
Tom, fantastic tops! I'm making a few for Christmas gifts and have been decorating with Sharpies in various colors. Wondering what types of markers and/or paint you are using? The colors are very vivid. Any top coat/sealer? Thanks, John D.
@John Dillon
Thanks, John. I’ve used Sharpies but for the most part I’ve switched to Tombow pens. I do use Sharpie metallic markers (Gold, Bronze, Silver) a lot. Although it takes more time - I like to use white paint pens (Bic and others) or white airbrush paints applied with a brush (to stay within the sections), or black markers or airbrush paint. Allow it to dry a little. Then I use colors over the white/black with either pens, metallic markers, iridescent or interference paint colors.

I don’t usually use any topcoat (because I’m too lazy) but it wouldn’t hurt. Just use a very light coat of something like Krylon Matte spray or Fixatif so the colors won’t darken or run.

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