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  1. Canary Twist Mill

    Canary Twist Mill

    This 10-inch-tall peppermill was turned from a block of Canary wood. The upper half was turned off-center to create the twist. The lower half was turned on-center and then embellished with pyrography designs, burn lines and a splash of light green color. The peppermill mechanism is a Crush...
  2. Hackberry Mill

    Hackberry Mill

    This 9-inch-tall peppermill was turned from a block of hackberry. The upper section was turned off-center to create the twist and the lower portion was turned on-center. Metallized paints were used on the lower section to provide a contrasting look and texture. An internal crush-grind...
  3. Embedded Bowl Holder

    Embedded Bowl Holder

    This 5-inch tall 'Bowl Holder' was turned off-center from an interior block of Poplar burl. I wanted to embed an antiqued bronze bowl in the turning but was challenged. So, I decided to make the 'bronze' bowl in the turning. Actually it is bronze paint with a green patina coating that produced...
  4. Metallized Twisted Peppermill

    Metallized Twisted Peppermill

    This 9-inch tall peppermill was turned off-center from maple and had some worm holes. Rather than try to minimize them, I decided to highlight them with metallized paint and patina enhancements. Finish is Watco oil buffed on the Beall system.
  5. Twisted Lighted Lamp

    Twisted Lighted Lamp

    This 8 1/2 inch tall twisted lamp was turned off-center on the upper section to create the twist. Textured leaves with holes were carved and embellished with bronze green and gold paints. An internal light provides a soft glow through the holes. You can see the internals and the lamp with its...
  6. Bluedot Walnut Twist

    Bluedot Walnut Twist

    This 7 1/2 inch diameter bowl was turned from a block of Walnut with the grain oriented laterally to highlight the contrast between sapwood and heartwood grains. A multi-axis method was used to generate the twisted upper section. Embellishments with blue and green centers were added to enhance...
  7. brian horais

    Upcoming Weekend Class on Twisted Turning - by Brian Horais at Appalachian Center for Craft - Smithville, TN May 21-23

    Weekend - May 21-23, 2021 Twisted Shapes with Embellishments Brian Horais Produce eye-catching, twisted spiral shapes on a lathe. Develop twisted, multi-axis turning skills to produce both full and half-twist...
  8. Twisted Segments with Dots

    Twisted Segments with Dots

    This twisted, segmented turning was made from Maple and Walnut with a Padauk Rim. Height is 6 inches and diameter is 4 inches. The twist was tailored to match the slope of the walnut diagonal pieces. I will be demonstrating my techniques for designing and fabricating this and similar twisted...
  9. Slanting Twist

    Slanting Twist

    This three sided jar is six inches tall. It was made from segments of mahogany and ambrosia maple with a purpleheart rim. The twist angle was turned off-center to match the angle of slant of the mahogany inserts. Diameter is 4 inches. Finish is Watco oil buffed on the Beall system.
  10. brian horais

    Completing the Half-Twist Bowl: YouTube Video

    I just uploaded a video to YouTube entitled: Half Twist Bowl 2: Finishing the Top. This video provides additional information on how to complete the top twisted section of the bowl using shaping and carving techniques. Two different approaches are discussed, including natural edge and...
  11. Twisted Vase - limed ash

    Twisted Vase - limed ash

    This 6 inch tall vase was turned using a 3-point off-axis method to provide the spiral shape. Carving tools were used at the top to highlight the twist. The wood is ash and the finish was done with india ink and white liming wax to highlight the grain