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George Correia

Jan 12, 2022
Moultonborough, NH
Happy New Year Woodturners! My name is George Correia. I am now semi-retired and started turning as a winter pastime a couple of years ago. I heat with an outdoor wood furnace so instead of throwing it all in for heat, I now save pieces for turning in the cold winter months here in New Hampshire. I was given a Shopsmith a few years back and have been using that for my turning. I replaced the single phase motor with a 3-phase motor and control it with a VFD now. This gives me nice speed control. Thank you for welcoming me to the group.
Here are a few pictures of my shop and setup.Control box (1).jpgATV312 on Shopsmith for setup and testing.jpgIMG_20211231_123506506.jpgBowl4.JPG