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SOLD: Kelton McNaughton Center Saver System Combo Kit

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Apr 1, 2015
Sitka, Alaska, United States
I bought a new McNaughton in 2017, not realizing then that the system was not good for softwoods.

If you can believe it, the price of the McNaughton hasn't budged since I bought this for $565.25, though I see Craft Supply has them back-ordered until May:
McNaughton at Craft Supply

As you'll see in the photos, my set is rusty. Full disclosure! Barely used, but not taken care of like you might hope for. That's what happens in short time in an open air shop in the Alaska rainforest. Also included is everything to my memory for the laser guide, EXCEPT the laser. My wife ran off with it.

I also want to be clear that there are easier coring systems for the beginner. No one is as good as Mike Mahoney as a beginner...or for that matter, perhaps ever?! with the McNaughton. The Oneway is my first recommendation, though I'm not an expert.

If I haven't talked you out of my listing, I'll send it anywhere in the US for $250, which includes USPS Flat Rate shipping, tracking, and a $100 insurance. I have Paypal, Venmo, and can probably swing Facebook payments if your heart is set on it. Send a message or ask questions below.


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