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WTB - Soren Berger Sphere Caliper


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Apr 27, 2004
Lakeland, Florida
Can’t help you with the calipers.
you probably know a manual layout.

there is a shortcut I use in the layout. Just Mark 20% either side of center an leave the line the error from .41….. is insignificant for spheres 5” diameter and less. If you have a digital vernier with metric the layout is quick.
not as quick a Sorens calipers But close.
24B22477-C976-49B4-A7F3-A771339EAC16.jpeg E699E73E-E43F-4B31-BD0A-B08DC5331994.jpeg

Set of notes I use in the demo

You may be interested in video of a demo I did in Hartford.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmCvOP2Mpmw

Dennis J Gooding

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Beta Tester
Apr 10, 2010
Grants Pass, Oregon
If anyone has a set that they are no longer using, I am interested in a buy or trade.

John, if your do not find a Berger calipers, you might want to consider a graphical technique that I explain in my post in the Tutorials and Tips Forum January 28,2016. The title is "Simple aid for turning spheres without a jig". Like Berger's method, this method does not require any calibrated measuring devices and does not require any computation. It also offers higher order approximations to a sphere than the Berger system which provides 8-sided or 16-sided approximations.

Other postings on January 21,24, 2019 tell how my method can be extended to the turning of spheroids and ovoids. Finally my posting of January 22, 2019 tells how to use the Berger caliper to turn spheroids. This may be of interest to if you do obtain a Berger unit.