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Dogwood in Bloom

Dogwood in Bloom

This is my first original carved design, and I owe a great big thanks to Ron Fleming for all his guidance
That may be your first original carved design but I would venture a guess that it is not your first carving. I'm not a carver but even I can recognize the skill, the difficulty and the amount of work involved in all the undercutting and deep relief you did!!

It's a beautiful piece and I would love to know more about it. Care to share things like dimensions, wood type, type of carving (hand / power / combo). And how about that lid???? That looks like it could be a story all on it's own.

I have been a carver for many years and I must tell you that you did a beautiful Job. Did you use a rotary tool?
You should be very proud.
Exquisite detail ,don't stop at this one .Let me know when you are posting another picture Id love to see it
Pete, this is a beautiful piece, and everything works!

POD 10-16-08
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