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  1. Richard Coers
    Love the colors and textures but the finials are too thick in my opinion. The finial just dominates the delicate look of the vessels.
  2. Breck Whitworth
    @odie Thanks coming from a man who is a detail expert that means a great deal to me.
  3. Harold Bowern
    Great job and lots of patience needed for these. I love to try a smaller version of basket illusion, just to get the idea and time to do it
  4. Martin Groneng
    Michael, I would not buy Patricia a lathe because her "beautiful" added work to your creations is so superb, she would be sooo great on a lathe that you would have to get a day job!!
  5. Glenn Lefley
    @Derek Lane I love the surprise of how they turn out. Getting a bigger chamber this week so can try and color and stabilize some larger maple Burl bowls up to 12 " round.,

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